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  • Aspiring Dover, NH Entrepreneurs Can Find Success With These 5 Simple Steps

    Building a successful business can be challenging, but it’s a path that many more people are taking these days. Not only does becoming an entrepreneur allow for a flexible schedule and control over your days, but it can also allow you to do something you truly enjoy for a living. Coming up with a unique idea, learning about your competitors, creating a marketing strategy, and securing funding are just a few of the tasks you’ll need to complete when you’re ready to get started. It’s also a good idea to get out into the community and garner support from other business owners.


    Read this guide from the Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce for tips on how to get started with your business.


    Come Up with a Great Idea


    It’s important that you start with a stellar business idea, which will require some research and careful planning. What will your business offer that is unique? How will you stand out among the competition? Who will your target customer be, and how will you reach them? Will your business be run online or in a storefront? 


    It’s also important to take into consideration what your existing skills or hobbies are and whether you’re ready to turn them into a venture. Keep in mind that if you plan to turn a hobby into a business, you may lose some of your passion for it when it’s mandatory rather than an option, so it’s crucial to take the cons into consideration.


    Protect Yourself


    As with any professional venture, it’s critical to make sure your assets are protected. Once you have a solid business idea and name, consider forming an LLC. A limited liability company offers a secure way to shield your personal assets in the event that a customer or another business initiates litigation, and it also provides tax benefits and requires less paperwork than other structures. Each state has its own regulations and required steps to take, so either research the requirements yourself or hire a formation service to take care of the paperwork for you.


    Bring in the Customers


    Once you have all the major details figured out, it’s time to think about marketing and how you can separate yourself from your competitors. Many business owners don’t put enough care into their marketing plan, which can lead to stagnant sales in a saturated market. 


    Start considering how to build your brand identity from the very beginning by creating a recognizable logo that tells customers who you are and why they should trust you. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry; there are plenty of tools online that will help, including a free custom logo maker that will allow you to use the colors, fonts, and icons you want to build an eye-catching design yourself.


    Take Your Accounting Seriously


    The right tools can help you create a marketing plan that will set you apart from all the rest, but they can also help you stay on top of your accounting needs. An integrated accounting system will allow you to keep track of invoices and receipts, manage deductions during tax season, and give you insights into your cash flow and other essential financial information. There are several options these days for small business owners, so read up on the different software available to you before making a decision, as you only want to pay for what you need.


    Outsource Strategically

    It’s tempting to do everything yourself in the early days of your business, but sometimes that is simply not possible. For example, you may not have the experience necessary to create your website. In these cases, learn how to use a PDF online editor so that you can communicate effectively with designers and contractors regarding what you want and how current projects align with those goals. If your web designer sends you a mockup of your home page, you can use pen and highlighter tools to bring attention to specific parts of the design, and use the comments or sticky notes features to communicate your feedback.


    Use Your Resources


    Starting a business of your own takes a lot of hard work, but fortunately, you’ll have access to lots of resources that will make the process easier. Take advantage of local and digital resources, as well, and network with other business owners to find support in the community.


    Connect with and learn from other local business leaders by joining the Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce.