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  • Chinburg Properties


    Property Management & RentalsReal Estate (Commercial, Development, Management, Sales, Etc.)

    About Us

    Chinburg has grown from a small family business to the largest builder of homes in the Seacoast region while maintaining our fundamental values of integrity, honesty and quality.

    In addition to new construction, our portfolio of services includes general contracting, construction management, renovation and restoration, commercial and residential rentals, and property management. Our experienced staff professionals can tap into a wealth of knowledge and resources to take any project from concept to reality.

    Chinburg was founded by New Hampshire-native Eric Chinburg in 1987. A civil engineer with an eye for quality and a progressive development philosophy, Chinburg has become a pioneer in innovative approaches to development and building. Open space development, mill renovation and urban revitalization projects have received regional and national attention for their positive impact on communities and the people who live in them. In addition, Chinburg Properties’ reputation as a premier home builder of distinct, high-quality properties has earned us numerous local awards and national recognition. With every new venture, Chinburg Builders remains committed to delivering quality that meets and exceeds customer expectations.


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