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  • Popzup Popcorn

    Popzup Popcorn


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    About Us

    We make popcorn by hand using only pure & simple ingredients like kernels, butter & cheese right from the farm. In our Popzup Popcorn Factory we make Popcorn Bags (ready-to-eat) in 4 flavors, Popzup Popper Microwave Popcorn (new way to air pop popcorn without chemicals or plastic), K Pouch Kernels (convenient kernel pouches for stove top popping), and 8 Popzup Popcorn Seasonings in convenient shaker jars. The Popzup Factory is dedicated gluten free & non GMO, small family owned & operated business in Dover, New Hampshire.


    Popzup "Try Them All" Popcorn Bags- we hand pop and season using our pure & simple ingredients for a healthy, delicious snack.
    Popzup Movie Time Popcorn Kit- Now you can have hot, buttery Movie Theater Popcorn at home! You get popcorn & butter seasoning to make 12 large bowls of hot, buttery popcorn (one bowl at a time).
    Popzup Popper Microwave Popcorn- the new way to microwave air-pop popcorn without chemicals or plastic .
    Popzup Popcorn Seasonings- blended from pure & simple ingredients like herbs, spice, nutritional yeast, sea salt. They come in convenient glass shaker jars.
    Zach Martin, Popzup Production Manager
    Rachel Holt, New England Living Host and Popzup Popcorn fan.
    Marty Lapham, Popzup Popcorn Owner, sampling at the Taste of the Seacoast.