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  • PEEK-AT-THE-WEEK Submission 2020

    Due to a high volume of Peek at the Week submissions and growing popularity of the weekly electronic newsletter, the Chamber now requires Peek submissions to be provided in the format below in order to be included. Any submissions that do not meet this criteria will not be considered for inclusion, including company e-blasts, e-newsletters, jpg image of posters, pdf flyers or any other electronic flyers.
    Format: M/d/yyyy
    Contact Name
    Details listed below will appear in PEEK
    PEEK is a preview of the upcoming week (Thursday through Wednesday), so events may not be published until the week prior to the event date. All content must be received by Wednesday at 9 am for 9 am Thursday distribution.
    Pleas be clear and concise in your description. Speak in third person format (use them, they, their; NOT us, we, our).
    Thank you!
    We thank you for your cooperation in providing your Peek submissions as outlined above. We are very proud of this quality weekly newsletter, distributed to over 4,000 contacts, and look forward to continuing to provide this valuable benefit to our members.