• Which New Hampshire county has the most active representatives? We’ve got the numbers

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    October 10, 2019

    Each year Citizens Count tallies several measures to evaluate legislator activity in Concord:

    • Attendance on voting days (total number of voting days attended in Concord)
    • Attendance for roll call votes (total number of votes cast on each bill)
    • Partisanship (using the "Party Unity Score" – learn more here)
    • Number of prime-sponsored bills
    • Number of prime-sponsored bills that became law
    We broke all that data down by county. Want to know how yours fared? Read the report: https://www.citizenscount.org/news/which-nh-county-has-most-active-representatives
    Curious how how individual legislators did? Visit our elected official profile pages: https://www.citizenscount.org/elected-officials

    Citizens Count is a nonprofit that provides the people of New Hampshire with the tools and objective information they need to make a difference. We provide in-depth profiles of candidates, track and explain key issues, and build connections between people and their elected officials. Visit us at www.CitizensCount.org and become a member today.

    Susan Geier, Director of Marketing & Communications
    (603) 969-9681