• The Art Center Presents Contemporary & Abstract

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    April 12, 2019
    What does “abstract” mean? What does “contemporary” mean? These are terms that many of us struggle with. When most hear the words “abstract art”, or “contemporary art”, we tend to think of art that is somehow unapproachable, art that only the enlightened can appreciate; some of us think of art that is entirely random or shapeless and formless.

    But that isn’t the case. Rather, abstract and contemporary art fulfill the same mission as any other styles of art. The purpose of all art is, indeed, to express emotion. Local artists’ work will once again adorn the walls at The Art Center at One Washington St, where the range of human emotion is laid bare on canvas and board. Sorrow, joy, ecstasy, hope, wonder, love, freedom and despair – whether through the eyes of the sculptor, or the mind of the observer, human emotions are the ultimate tools for the artist.

    On Saturday, April 13, 2019, The Art Center unveils its latest exhibition, Contemporary & Abstract. This exhibit features the work of over 25 local artists working in a variety of media and styles. From the whimsical to the realistic, from hidden images to the incredibly bold, from landscape, to portraits, to the truly abstract, this exhibit has something for every possible taste. 

    An opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 13, from 6 – 9 PM, and a closing reception will be on May 3, from 4 – 8 PM which will coincide with the Dover Art Walk.

    For more information, please visit theartcenterdover.com
    Rebecca Proctor