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  • Learn how NHFCU helped Laina get out of the red

    She was buried and "in the red."

    “I missed so much of my life because of my addiction. The freedom to explore, visit my family out-of-state, and to have the financial means to do so feels incredible. Anyone who went through what I did should reach out to Meghan and the Centers for Finance & Education. Meghan talked options, free classes, free help with my financial wellness and positive feedback and support, and it changed my life. Not a lot of banks do that. NHFCU doesn’t just want money, they want to give members education and freedom. They’re an organization who wants to better the community.”
    -Laina R.

    Laina was a college student living life on her terms in her mid-twenties. She had a bright future with plans to travel and make the most of her youth and freedom.  Anyone who met Laina described her as energetic, happy, and healthy.  Just as she was picking up her pace, one day, she was suddenly unable to walk. Laina’s feet and an unknown medical issue tripped her up – ravaging her finances and the adventures she had planned.

    Diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, tumors developed in her feet.  Laina describes the physical pain as unbearable. Even after surgery, healing was a long, uphill battle. Laina began using over-prescribed pain meds so she could control the pain and continue working.  But, within just a few months, the meds in their prescribed doses lost their effectiveness.  Like so many, Laina began over-medicating, as she tried to ease the pain in her feet.  In less than twelve months, Laina went from a girl with the world at her feet to a woman on her knees struggling with addiction.    

    Addiction adversely affected Laina’s physical, mental and financial health.  When she felt physically and mentally ready, Laina came to NHFCU and our Centers for Finance & Education.  Working with us, she is getting her stride back:  paying credit cards in full every month, building an emergency savings and a savings fund to buy a home. It has taken more than twelve months and twelve steps, but, today, Laina is on her feet, and preparing for the life she temporarily lost sight of.

    NHFCU helped Laina.  How can we help you? Contact us today at (603) 224-7731, ext. 330.