• Real-Time Bus Locations Now Available

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    May 23, 2019
    Dover, NH – Traveling with COAST has never been easier! You can now see where COAST buses are in real time with the DoubleMap app. 
    DoubleMap shows you where buses are throughout the COAST system and when they are estimated to arrive at stops.
    Riders can use the DoubleMap mobile app or a desktop or laptop computer to see a map that displays buses moving along their routes. Users can choose to see buses on all routes or any combination of active routes. 
    “We are very excited to be able to offer this new tool to our customers,” says COAST Executive Director, Rad Nichols, “Ultimately, DoubleMap will help our riders make it just that much easier to plan and time their trips with COAST.”
    Using the app is easy as 1..2..3! First, download the DoubleMap App on your smart device. Second, open the app to search and select COAST. Third, see exactly where your bus is and take all the worry out of waiting at the bus stop. 
    Riders can download the DoubleMap app from their preferred source (such as iTunes, the App Store, Google Play, etc.) and use the app anywhere on their mobile device. 
    The maps on DoubleMap also show every bus stop (users will have to zoom in on the map), so riders will be able to see which routes serve a particular stop, and how long it will be until the next bus arrives there.  The DoubleMap system will provide answers to the two big questions of transit riders everywhere: “Where is my bus?” and “When will it get here?”
    AS COAST rolls out this new tool there are a few helpful tips they are highlighting for users:
    Allow DoubleMap to access your location if you want the app to tell you the closest stop to where you are at any time.
    Since the app refreshes the location of the vehicle frequently, it may use more data than you want if you leave it open for extended periods of time. Closing the app when you’re done using it should keep data usage at an appropriate level.
    If you are catching the bus at an end of a route, there may be a delay in the app while the bus’s label switches from one route or direction to another.
    If you tap on a stop to see the estimated time of arrival (ETA), the ETA displayed will not update as the bus moves closer; the time displayed only represents the ETA at the time you tapped on the stop.
    The East Rochester portion of Route 2 is listed as a separate route: 2 East Rochester and shows up on the bus label as ‘ER’. Please ensure you select this route if you want to see Route 2 in East Rochester.
    For more information, please visit www.coastbus.org/doublemap
    The Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation (COAST) champions and provides customer-focused public transportation with a commitment to excellence in safety and service.
    Rad Nichols, Executive Director