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  • Dover schools go to remote learning, daily lunches available to all students

    DOVER – In response to the COVID-19 Virus, Dover School District has transitioned all classes to remote classroom learning, instruction begins Monday, March 23, 2020.  Additionally, the District has made arrangements for daily meals to be provided to all students across each grade level, regardless of whether they are qualified for free or reduced meals.
    The District will provide two meals to students each day. Participants will receive a lunch for the day that will include breakfast for the following day. For example, Thursday's meal will include Thursday's lunch and Friday's breakfast. Friday's lunch will include Saturday's breakfast.
    A Dover school bus will be parked in designated locations from 10:00am to 11:00 a.m. each day to dispense the meals. The District asks participants to please pick-up meals from the location closest to your home address and use it consistently, which allows an accurate count for the number of meals needed each day. Future locations and times of the distribution may be modified depending of participation levels at the sites, for now,  the locations are as follows:

    • Garrison School, 50 Garrison Road
    • Park and Ride, Spur Road, just after Deborah Lane
    • Henry Law Park, 1 Washington Street
    • Cleary Cleaners, CVS parking lot, 120 Central Avenue
    • Horne Street School, 70 Horne Street
    • Strafford Farms, 58 New Rochester Road
    • Dover Ice Arena, 110 Portland Avenue
    • Strafford Superior Court Parking Lot, 259 County Farm Road
    • Granite Village, 6 Olde English Village Road
    • Janetos parking lot, 77 Main Street
    • Federal Savings Bank parking lot, 633 Central Avenue
    • Woodman Park School, 11 Towle Avenue
    • Adelle Drive, Redden Gardens
    • Lilac Lane, 1 Lilac Lane
    • Seymour Osman Community Center, 40 Hampshire Circle
    • Industrial Park Drive, 115 Industrial Park Drive
    • Rutland Manor, Abby Lane
    • Citizens Bank, 140 Washington Street, next to Belknap Street
    Sample instruction schedules have been provided to students and families across Dover. The expectation is for students to work on learning opportunities for 4 hours a day.
    “Each family will have to make individual choices on how best to tackle this new way of learning,” said Superintendent of Dover Schools Dr. William Harbron.  “Instruction will look different for everyone please remember, we are here to support you.” For more information please visit www.dover.k12.u

    A note from Dover District Superintendent William R. Harbron:
    It has been only a week since the decision was made to close our schools and shift to remote learning. Dover public school teachers have embraced the challenge and quickly invested themselves in developing creative and innovative ways to maintain connections and sustain learning for all Dover students. 

    While the circumstances are ever-changing, our faculty is prepared to transition to remote learning which, let’s face it, is not easy. Teachers are thinking differently about how to communicate, give
    instruction, and provide feedback; how to design lessons and assignments that are authentic and meaningful; and how to ensure students continue to collaborate and communicate with others and learn.
    Learning without live instruction has challenges. 
    In Dover, we have a significant amount of the population without access to internet or even computers to complete lessons on. Our teachers know this and are working extra hard to keep an open dialogue with families to adapt to different circumstances.
    Staff and faculty understand change is uncomfortable and while many students will thrive with remote learning, others will struggle. As such, our teachers are exploring new ways to engage our students in learning.
    What I have been most impressed by, is the ability of our staff to invest themselves as designers of experiences and facilitators of learning (as opposed to distributors of knowledge). Remote learning places a premium on a teacher’s ability to think more deeply about how to introduce content and coach students with thoughtful, specific feedback.
    Right now, teachers are working to establish conditions where students have a clear sense of purpose, occasions to express themselves, and opportunities that allow them to work toward mastery.
    I am proud of our educators and their commitment to Dover students and their families to help students stay motivated and engaged in learning, even when they are not physically at school.
    We will get through this, together, as a community.