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  • Susan Libby, NHFCU Assistant Vice President, Lending, retiring

    January 7, 2022
    Contact: Polly Saltmarsh, VP, Financial Education and Business Development
    (603) 224-7731 ext.158; polly.saltmarsh@nhfcu.org
    Susan Libby, NHFCU Assistant Vice President, Lending, retiring
    (Concord, NH)  Susan Libby joined New Hampshire Federal Credit Union (NHFCU) as a loan officer on April 23, 1985, during the heyday of interest rates at or above 10% APR, alongside the sweeping popularity of the use of credit cards in everyday life (NHFCU had introduced them in 1983).
    In a few short years, Susan's attention to detail and talents in working with members in sensitive situations led her to a promotion to Collections Manager, where she diligently worked to get members' finances back in order while getting NHFCU repaid.  
    Susan’s success in the NHFCU collections area and her widening knowledge of lending and compliance led to her appointment to Assistant Vice President, Lending, in 1994. In that position, Susan honed her skills further, as she played an important role in the conversion to a new computer system, and the development of loan products, along with leadership in collections, compliance, mortgages, consumer lending, and the VISA Credit Card Program. 
    Susan then broadened her skill set and became NHFCU's Assistant Vice President, Sales & Service Operations, where she oversaw debit and credit cards, ACH, and share draft programs. As Assistant Vice President, Lending, Susan has overseen both consumer lending and mortgage compliance for NHFCU. If you ask her co-workers what makes Susan remarkable, they will tell you it is her ability to recall every member she has worked with. Susan's empathy and her personal touch and concern has directly led to NHFCU's successful, long term relationships with thousands of members.
    In 2020 and 2021, Susan worked diligently with the NHFCU lending and loan processing teams to finance an unprecedented number of our members’ homes, either making homeowners dreams a reality or helping people reduce their mortgage payments or terms. 
    In 2020, Susan celebrated 35 years with NHFCU.  She retires on January 21, 2022, just shy of 37 years of service.  NHFCU congratulates Susan for making a positive difference for members throughout her years of service and wishes her well in her retirement. 
    NH Federal Credit Union (NHFCU) is a $320 million full-service cooperative financial institution, celebrating 80 years of service in 2021. NHFCU has locations in Concord and Lee, NH, where they also offer free financial education and one-on-one coaching through the Centers for Finance & Education.  To learn more about NHFCU and the Centers for Finance & Education, call (603) 224-7731 or visit their website, www.nhfcu.org.