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  • New Hampshire Federal Credit Union Celebrates 80 Year Anniversary

    (Concord, NH) November 19, 2021 New Hampshire Federal Credit Union (NHFCU) celebrates 80 years of service to members. It all began in the fall of 1941, when a group of state employees worked on their own to build a financial cooperative so they could rely on one another when times were tough. In those days most had no cash to buy an item, and if they could not afford it – food, heat, cars, - it was tough to find an affordable helping hand.

    On November 19, 1941, NHFCU was incorporated so that state employees could pool their money together and lend to one another.  Eighty years later, NHFCU has expanded and changed with the times, technology and systems, yet, the one thing that has not changed is the fact that the credit union helps people every day, everywhere, who need the products and services NHFCU provides.

    NHFCU has grown from a small cooperative to a multi-location credit union, offering free financial wellness and education to members and the public with complementary webinars and one-on-one financial counseling with financial wellness coaches through their Centers for Finance & Education.

    NHFCU also helps young students learn responsibility for their own finances through hands-on education during the annual CU 4 Reality™ Financial Literacy Fair.  

    NHFCU exists to make a positive difference in the lives of those they serve through financial education and services.  NHFCU celebrates this 80 year milestone of people helping people with members. 
    NHFCU continues to fulfill the mission of the original incorporators by telling members the story about what it means to be a financial cooperative, where each member is an owner and each decision is made with the good of the member and the entire membership at the forefront. 

    NH Federal Credit Union (NHFCU) is a $320 million full-service cooperative financial institution, celebrating 80 years of service in 2021.NHFCU has locations in Concord and Lee, NH, where they also offer free financial education and one-on-one coaching through the Centers for Finance & Education.  To learn more about NHFCU and the Centers for Finance & Education, call (603) 224-7731 or visit their website, www.nhfcu.org.###