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  • First Annual Greater Dover Business Boost from Garrison Players Arts Center

    This year is the perfect time to dust off our ledgers and do what we can to give each other a financial boost as  we move toward a more successful and profitable 2021. Garrison Players is committed to supporting our lo cal community. We would like to show our gratitude for the years of support we have received from Greater  Dover businesses by offering this exciting mutual fundraiser! 

    Step One: 

    Your business purchases a $50 ad in our 2021 virtual ad book. This purchase qualifies your business to participate in the fundraising event. Garrison Players promotes your business through our online marketing channels and at all of our 2021 performances and events. 

    Step Two (this is the fun part!): 

    Once you’re signed up, local customers, friends and family can visit our website to submit a donation of mutual support. Come Labor Day Weekend, Garrison Players will cut you a check for 50% of the donations made  in honor of your business.  

    The more donations we bring in, the more we both receive come September. Win, Win! We invite you to  share the event on your own website as well. Promotional materials will be provided to aid our mutual campaign. 

    Please fill out the enclosed form and send it in with your $50 virtual ad book check today. Forms and payment can also be completed online at: www.garrisonplayers.org 

    Feel free to reach out with any questions: marketing@garrisonplayers.org