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  • First Seacoast Bank welcomes two mortgage loan officers

    James R. Brannen, First Seacoast Bank President and CEO is pleased to announce  the addition of two Mortgage Loan Officers to the residential loan team, Kristen Peterson and  Russell Nadeau. 

    Kristen has joined Loan Officer Coralie O’Brien, at the Portsmouth office located at 1650  Woodbury Avenue, while Russell will join our Rochester team at 17 Wakefield Street. 

    Kristen recently earned her Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and brings several  years of experience from the seacoast title industry. She has resided in the area for almost two  decades, building relationships with builders, banks and real estate agents. Working as an  advocate for the Arts and local history, Kristen has volunteered for non-profits in the Boston  area and serves as Commissioner of Deeds for the State of New Hampshire, and Notary Public  for the State of Maine. Kristen focuses on the importance of customer service through her  commitment to her making her clients her top priority. Kristen looks forward to working with  new and familiar customers at First Seacoast Bank and throughout the Seacoast regions of  Rockingham, Strafford and York counties.  

    Russell has over 7 years of Mortgage Lending experience and strives to make the loan process  as easy as possible for his clients. Russell shares in the bank’s strong commitment to the  community and is a life-long New England resident. Russell looks forward to helping clients  in New Hampshire and Maine with all of their mortgage needs. From refinancing or purchasing  a home, Russell is here to work with and for you, answering questions and assisting in any way  possible.