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  • Earth Eagle Brewings' Homebrew Supply Shop Has Moved to Somersworth

    (SOMERSWORTH, NH) - Earth Eagle Brewings recently moved its longtime homebrew supply shop to Somersworth from the original Portsmouth location. The new shop space is located in
    Barclay Square (350 NH-108) next to Earth Eagle North, the brewery's manufacturing facility and second brewpub.

    "We're excited to continue providing homebrewing supplies to the Seacoast folks who have been
    customers over the last 12 years," said owner/brewer Alex McDonald. 

    In fact, the new location opened on April 28th, the shop's 12th anniversary. Formerly known as A&G Hombrew Supply, the shop was officially absorbed by Earth Eagle Brewings in 2019. McDonald and wife Gretchen McDonald founded the shop prior to the opening of the brewery in Portsmouth.

    Customers will find a wide array of equipment and ingredients for brewing beer at home, plus
    winemaking and cheesemaking supplies. For those with a kegerator at home, the shop provides CO2 cylinder exchanges, parts, and specialized cleaning agents.

    Shop hours remain Wed-Sat 11am-5pm; Sun 11am-4pm. Phone: 603.767.8235. Visit 
    www.eartheaglebrewings.com for more information.

    The former shop space in Portsmouth, which connects to the original Earth Eagle brewpub, 
    will house an expansion of the brewery's dining and bar seating. Expected to open in June,
    it will also feature a wide range of brewery merchandise and 4-packs to go.
    Earth Eagle Brewings has two brewpub locations with their craft beer, cocktails, food and live entertainment. The original spot in Portsmouth features a large beer garden just a short walk from Market Square at 175 High Street. Earth Eagle North at Barclay Square (350 NH-108, Suite 208, Somersworth) hosts Wednesday trivia nights and live music most weekends. Pub hours, menus and music line-ups are available online at www.eartheaglebrewings.com.