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  • Dozens of quilts and pillowcases donated to Wentworth-Douglass pediatric inpatients

    A labor of love by a Seacoast quilting group will now ensure pediatric inpatients at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital are warm and feel loved during their stay. 
    “Sometimes the hospital can be a scary place for kids and giving them a donation like this just kind of brightens up their day, gives them a smile, makes them feel a little more comfortable during their time here,” said Wentworth-Douglass Certified Child Life Specialist, Molly Allard.
    The group “Friends in Stitches” visited the MassGeneral for Children at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital suite early this month to share their crafts – 161 pillowcases and 49 quilts for children of all ages.
    “We appreciate the hospital’s commitment to the children and families on the Seacoast. We love knowing our time and talents can make a child’s stay there a little brighter,” said Susan Nelson, a member of “Friends in Stitches.”
    The group is from the Seabrook, Hampton area and they have been quilting together every Tuesday for over 20 years. They have worked together on several projects for children in need around the world making clothing and blankets.
    This donation to Wentworth-Douglass took nearly a year and Allard said, the quilts are already providing comfort to children staying at the hospital.
    “Recently we had a child admitted and his favorite color is purple, so we picked out an amazing, handmade purple blanket for him and it just lit up his day, made him feel special and made his hospital experience a little bit better,” Allard said.