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  • Dover400 announces new donors

    400 For 400 Campaign Getting Closer to Goal
    DOVER — Dover400 is pleased to announce new donors for its 400 for 400 fundraising campaign, an effort to collect $400 from 400 donors to support activities to celebrate Dover’s 400th birthday in 2023.
    In 2019, Dover City Councilor Dennis Ciotti kicked off the campaign as the first to donate $400. He issued a challenge to his neighbors and fellow community members to do the same. To date, Dover400 has collected 67 donations of $400. Current donors include:
    Dennis D. Ciotti, Kevin McEneaney, Bamford Investment Company LLC, Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce,  Linda Hayden, Dover Police Administrators Association, Cathleen Beaudoin, Katherine Parker-Wright, Alan B. Crowell Rev Trust 2000, Marilyn Follansbee, Tyler and Patricia Foss, Karen Weston, Philip and Donna Rinaldi, Lawrence D. David, Walter King and Maria Soccorro Quisumbing-King, Thomas Allen, Dennis and Darlene Shanahan, Robert Carrier, Fred and Deborah Clough, Josh, Zac, and Erin Carberry In Memory of Jerry Carberry, Kevin P. Coppinger, Elizabeth Fischer, Martel Inc. Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, GFWC Dover Area Womans Club, Timothy and Cheryl Lindsay, Stephen and Pamela Giguere, Anthony McManus and Joann Rohde, Robert and Diane Weir, Bruton & Berube, PLLC Attorneys At Law, Civil Works New England, Brian and Jocelyn Caple, Richard and Stephanie Lund, Elaine Economides Joost, Mark Speidel, Michael Herlihy, Michael Khavari, Scott Tarr, Tim and Martha Haley, Larry Kast and Lisa Sheehy, Robert and Linda Clemons, Robert Dinaburg, Mary Lee Worboys In Memory of Betty and Charlie Tasker, Laura Otterson, William Harbron, Deborah Ballock, Guy and Joanne G. Eaton, Jan and Shannon C.C. Nedelka, David and Maureen Staples, Nancy R. Boyle, Angela and Matthew Carter, Ernest J. Carrier Revocable Trust, Thomas B. Massingham 2011 Rev Trust, Margaret L. Carsley, Janet Caddle, Samuel P. Allen and Susan K. Allen, Catherine and Seth Rafferty, Paul R. Cox, Carlo Nittoli and Jim Verschueren, Laura Goldberg & Kristen Hopkins, Henry M. Boulette, Christopher A. Wyskiel and Cynthia B. Wyskiel, Phil Hatcher & Peggy Kieschnick, Restoration Church, Dennis M. Burns, and Richard Schnable.
    Dover400 continues with its wildly popular lecture series, which began in January 2021. The next monthly lecture is scheduled for Tuesday, September 13 and will discuss Dover’s Woodman Museum. 
    To join this group of community-minded businesses and citizens send your tax-deductible donation to: Dover400, 24 Chestnut Street, Dover, NH 03820.  For more information, please visit www.Dover400.org or email Dover400 at 400dover@gmail.com.
    Dover400 is comprised of enthusiastic citizens from diverse backgrounds who are all committed to one purpose: ensuring a Dover is recognized and celebrated for this momentous event. Members include: Kevin McEneaney, Chair; Sam Allen, Vice-Chair; Nicole Desjarlais-Paulick, Secretary; Kathleen Morrison, Treasurer; Deborah Ballok; Cathy Beaudoin; Bob Carrier; Angela Carter; Guy Eaton; J. Andrew Galt; Zachary Koehler; Tom Massingham; Karen Weston; Sam Crane; Stephanie Bolduc; and Kerry Berry.