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    December 20, 2018
    DOVER, NH – The Dover Chamber was pleased to congratulate The Olde Craft Bakery, on the opening of their new location, with a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony.
    The Olde Craft Bakery, an organic fresh home and olde-worlde bread business, has recently opened a new location at 1 Washington Street, Suite 1127 in Dover.  Alexander and Alyona Nash, co-owners of The Olde Craft Bakery, originally began their bread journey back in Russia where Alyona’s grandmother taught Alyona family recipes from generations back, Alyona says.  When Alyona and her Husband Alexander moved to New Hampshire, initially she focused on baking for her family and their little children, Nash Says.   
    According to Nash, they were unable to find local bread that met their strict criteria of no additives, preservatives, proper fermentation, freshness and taste. From there Alyona began sharing her breads with friends and neighbors and realized there was a business opportunity. That’s when Alyona and Alex began The Olde Craft Bakery.  Nash says, “We are the only organic, fresh, vegan, old-world style bread in the area.”
    “My entire family invested two years of hard work and many other resources to design our new organic line of breads, and to build our new micro bread factory.  We did many farmer’s markets and talked to thousands of people to learn what is important for them. We went to France to study French Baguettes as well.”, Nash Says.  You can find in the hallway of 1 Washington St leading to their shop pictures of European capital cities and Alyona’s training in Paris.    
    Today you can purchase The Olde Craft Bakery bread at Tendercrop Farm in both the Dover and Newbury locations. You can also purchase the bread at 1 Washington Street Suite 1127, Monday through Saturday from 9am-4pm. Bread is made fresh every day except Sundays, and certain holidays and it comes out of the oven after 1PM. 
    For more information about The Olde Craft Bakery visit their website at theoldecraftbakery.com or call them at (603) 812-6119. 
    Alexander Nash, Co-Owner
    (603) 812-6119