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  • CMNH opens new Outdoor Play Patio

    In the works since 2018, the new Play Patio is the Museum’s largest expansion since opening in Dover in 2008!
    The new outdoor play space features:

    • Two sensory tables - Filled with changing materials, but currently has kinetic sand and tools for molding and creating designs in one, and water beads and hidden sea creatures in the other.
    • A water circuit wall - Use a hand pump to push water through sluices to create waterfalls, and fill cups to create a cascading circuit.
    • Oversized paint wall - Paint with washable paint on this double-sided wall.
    • Chalk spinner - Draw with chalk.
    • Color caster sculptaure - features colorful circular lenses shading the ground in different locations throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky
    • Tube Tones musical element - Series of connected PVC tubes that provide a musical element. Visitors can pound out a musical beat in the manner of the Blue Man Group.
    • Tables that will eventually be used for picnicking, but for now will be additional activity stations.
    There is also an outdoor sink and hand-dryer for easy cleanup before you return to the exhibits inside the museum.
    Access to the Play Patio is included in Museum admission. Visit childrens-museum.org/visit/info to reserve a time to play!