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  • Chef Michael's Personal Chef Service hosts virtual cooking class

    Mike Weinberger, owner of Chef Michael’s Personal Chef Service, shifted from his normal operations and provided a virtual cooking class through Zoom in late June where he instructed blind or visually impaired folks from Future In Sight.
    Future in Sight is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to transforming the lives of those who are blind, visually impaired, and their families.
    “Michael led the activity with great success and people are still talking about it,” said Stephanie Hurd from Future In Sight.
    Chef Weinberger had done a lot of instructional cooking classes in the past, including classes for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients at Bellamy Fields, but this specific class stood out to him.
    “The folks really enjoyed it and it was very rewarding,” he said. “It was a different way of thinking about cooking. We spent a lot of time after the class bouncing ideas off of each other. There were a ton of questions and I learned a lot myself… like adapting to different ways of cooking and the specific chopping devices they were using.”
    The food on the menu on that specific day was minestrone soup. Weinberger says the process of adding the ingredients, cutting up the vegetables, etc. went smoothly and sees a similar class happening in the near future.
    “It was a good recipe for anyone getting into cooking,” he said. “It was really interactive… people were asking questions and jumping right in.”
    The class had 16 participants and it was mostly an older demographic with the youngest being in their 40’s.
    "It's never too late to learn cooking skills," he said. "Anyone can learn to love cooking."
    Chef Michael’s Personal Chef Service takes over 30 years of experience and brings it to your kitchen! The knowledge of the purity and freshness of cooking from scratch and using quality ingredients makes for wholesome dishes with local flavor. Chef Michael’s can design a meal plan to fit any lifestyle!
    Chef Michael’s offers the signature personal chef service, cooking for special events, as well as hosting cooking classes.
    For more information on Chef Michael’s Personal Chef Service, visit the website at www.chefmichaelsme.com/
    To reach out to Future In Sight for services or to volunteer, please visit futureinsight.org.