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  • Calling All Cargo named a top company to work for

    Calling All Cargo Moving and Storage was named the No. 20 best company to work for by Business NH Magazine. 14 years in the business now, President Mike Carlton has 16 full-time employees and a whole lot more that are temporary or seasonal.

    Through a survey, the employees revealed that they were encouraged to learn and develop skills while on the job, and they could trust their management while doing so.

    Here’s some of what was written about Calling All Cargo in the Business NH Magazine article:

    “This moving company listens to its employees. Based on their suggestions, Calling All Cargo allows their employees to set their own schedules (movers can work one day a week or seven, or anything in between). It also offers four free chiropractic visits a month, gym discounts and an employee-of-the-month program.

    In addition to an annual holiday bonus, Calling All Cargo rewards movers for engaging in training. The company offers a variety of educational programs, and each comes with a bonus. If an employee becomes certified in piano moving, they get a bonus. Become certified in packing, get paid a bonus. The company also hosts annual summer and holiday parties where it recognizes employees with awards such as Iron Mover or Most Improved Mover. There is also a Mover of the Month award that is peer nominated. Winners receive a special parking spot and a special paid day off during the month. And, it’s not just the movers who are celebrated. Those on the sales and management side get to set their own schedules, based on their individual work-life balance needs, as long as the work is getting done.

    Among other perks, Calling All Cargo offers a $250 new employee referral bonus, 40 hours of paid community service annually, four weeks of paid paternity leave and 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, an in-house gym with weights and treadmills, and freedom to use the company’s trucks and gear at no charge if they are moving themselves.”