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  • The award-winning Art Center in Dover presents “FACES”

    In early September The Art Center in Dover, NH held its first public art opening since the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic were lifted.  Rebecca Proctor, proprietress of The Award-Winning Art Center, threw a fun art-centric celebration where guests enjoyed a variety of visual, literary and musical treats from local artists and entertainers.  The event was a rousing success!  Central to the festivities was the opening of the “FACES” Exhibit, an impressive, dynamic show that highlights many different stylistic approaches and mediums with a result that is contemporary and bursting with color.  

    The work is still on exhibit at The Art Center and will continue to be until the end of October.  It is well worth the time to go and see it.  Several of the pieces portray the ubiquitous masks we all came to know during the pandemic, in particular Danielle Festa’s “Masked Series”, but a surprising number of the pieces are simply well-rendered colorful contemporary portraits.  The overall feeling of the show is one of moving away from the pandemic and forward toward a sense of vibrant normalcy.  

    Several of the works represent women.  A touchstone piece is Rebecca Lane’s “Desire Line, Undesire Line”.  This large-scale realistic artwork is situated on the back wall of the gallery.  It is a diptych with one half representing her mother and the other half her.  Amber Bailey’s “Katie” is a particularly eye-catching and joyous portrayal of womanhood.  Sharyn Paul dramatically distorts her woman in “Redhead”, whereas Anna Watson’s “Girl” and A.J. Jessome’s “Shadows” show subdued and ethereal renditions of the same subject.  And then there are Ron St. Jean’s photographs of local Artist Beth Wittenberg, which are simply evocative and lovely, particularly “Beth 2”.

    It wouldn’t be an exhibit at The Art Center if it didn’t have some stunning, wildly colorful, and quirky works. Resident Artist, Aaron Stanley fronts the show with a gorgeous rendition of “Marilyn” that ticks off all those boxes. Kyle Dylan Nelson has three works in the show that fit the bill, as do Prospero Eaton, Rachel de Almeida, Eric Muirhead, Brian Wagoner, Robert Weinstein and Beth Wittenberg.  
    When you visit, take a moment to really enjoy New England artist Edward Langlois’ “The Lovers” and “Trying to Grow Up” for both are perfect expressions of an experienced, long time professional artist and are a perfect embodiment of the theme “Faces”.

    Artists Represented in the Exhibit “Faces”:  Aaron Stanley, A.J. Jessome, Amber Bailey, Anna Watson, Antoine Touze, Beth Wittenberg, Brian Wagoner, Dale Tremblay, Danielle Festa, Donna Fowler, Edward Langlois, Elizabeth Kayl, Eric Muirhead, Eric J. Taubert, Erin Starr, Gabriela Liat Yeshua, George Afedzi Hughes, Heidi Brueckner, Jazmin ‘Jaz Kitty’ Ruotolo, JoAnn Rohde, Joe Flaherty, Kate Higley, Kyle Dylan Nelson, Laura Harper Lake, Mark P. Zieff, Prospero Eaton, Rachel de Almeida, Rebecca Klementovich, Rebecca Lane, Robert Weinstein, Ron St. Jean, Sally Dion, Sean McHugh, Seth Hamor, Sharyn Paul. 
    The exhibit can be seen in person at One Washington Street, Suite 1177 or see "FACES" online at 
    https://www.theartcenteronlinegallery.com/gallery.  Click on the artwork to find the pricing, medium and size.

    For more information about The Art Center visit 
    www.theartcenterdover.com,  call (603) 978-6702 or email theartcenterdover@gmail.com

    “FACES” will be on exhibition until October 31st.