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  • EvoFit Instructor/Trainer

    Posted: 02/14/2021

    Are You A Rockstar Fitness Instructor/Trainer

    As a female instructor, your role is to lead, instruct, motivate and retain clients of all ages and skill levels.

            ·       High energy and outgoing. 


    ·        Excellent communication skills 

    ·        Leadership abilities 

    ·        Natural curiosity and a desire to learn and grow 

    ·        Genuine empathy for clients and desire to help

    ·        Previous experience as a personal trainer or group exercise instructor 

    ·        Passion for health and fitness 

    ·        Ability to build rapport with clients 

    ·        Team player 

    ·        Must understand that we are a business. In order to help people and provide for all employees, we must have sales aptitude (meaning not afraid to tell clients about promotions). 



    ·       Maintain positive and friendly demeanor ALWAYS. 

    ·       Run group fitness classes ranging from 3-30 people. 

    ·       Demonstrate proper form and technique. 

    ·       Ensure fitness classes are effective, safe, and fun. 

    ·       Offer support to help clients achieve their fitness goals. 

    ·       Retention of existing clients through amazing customer service.

    ·       Brand Ambassador 
    Based on experience
    Email Heather@evofitnh.com with resume or intent. Please also include what makes you a Rockstar Fitness Instructor/Trainer