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  • School Psychologist

    Posted: 09/19/2021

    JOB TITLE: School Psychologist JOB SUMMARY: Directly responsible for the completion of all adaptive, social / emotional, and intellectual assessments and evaluations (and achievement assessments, as deemed necessary) to identify student profiling (strengths and weaknesses across all contexts) while developing and implementing learning, retention, communicative, and behavioral strategies for students, in collaboration with student’s IEP teams. Provide consultative services to families, staff, and community members to support and promote students' success (e.g. IEP and 504 Accommodation Plan development, oversight, and implementation; parenting skills. In collaboration with student’s IEP team, assists with behavior intervention plans and functional behavior assessments, and assistance with classroom management technique and staff development). Provide direct and indirect (relational) therapy to identified students (individual and group) to foster and track social, emotional, and cognitive development. EDUCATION: Doctorate or Master’s Degree in School Psychology or related field, given appropriate DOE certification and or licensing by NH State Board. EXPERIENCE: Two years of experience working with children with handicapping / limiting disabilities in applied settings, developing and implementing behavioral, social, daily-living, and academic interventions and applicable skill-development programs. Knowledge of behavioral mental health, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and consultation models appropriate to their respective targeted population and environment. ACCOUNTABILITIES: 1. Develops, models and engages staff with activities/strategies that promote behavioral services and emotional regulation for students; Collaborate and develop therapeutic and behavioral treatment programs for students. 2. Completes all documentation, including daily notes, Medicaid documentation, and units of service billing. 3. Reviews psycho-educational (and related) reports, case management discussion, and procedural guidelines to assess the need for behavioral services, individual counseling, and group counseling. Interviews and/or observes new and existing students that present difficult and complex behavior problems in collaboration with IEP team members. Regularly communicate with families, caretakers, advocates, and sending district personnel upon referral and following enrollment for ongoing treatment; Aid student transition for a return to their primary school district in collaboration with IEP team members. 4. Conducts testing and evaluation / reevaluation of identified students when assessing behavioral, emotional, and intellectual domains as appropriate. Collaborates with parents, districts, students, and professional staff to help develop an individualized comprehensive program of learning, therapy, evaluation, treatment, and goals and objectives (included within the IEP and respective treatment plans). Collaborates with primary care physician(s) and other related clinicians that provide medical / therapeutic / behavioral treatment to students. 5. Provides training opportunities for staff, as deemed necessary and appropriate. Ensure that child engagement and restraint procedures utilized are consistent with the safest, ethical and legal practices and strategies. 6. Participates in clinical and educational research via data collection, compilation, documentation, and analysis of clinical data and therapy notes. Collaborates in the development of guidelines for the collection of clinical data for student progress monitoring and research. 7. As a mandated reporter, communicates any educational, behavioral, safety, or family concerns to immediate supervisor (and appropriate reporting agency) in a timely manner. 8. Keeps abreast of developments and research in the field of school psychology, behavior, and mental health, and shares / demonstrates learned content with colleagues. 9. Within the bounds of certification / licensure, provides rehabilitative assistance oversight of Teacher Assistants and Paraeducators per NH Medicaid to School regulations. 10. Attends all required staff meetings and staff training sessions / days. 11. Performs other duties (within reason of school psychology scope) as assigned by supervisors. SUPERVISOR: Executive Director/Director of Related Services WORK SCHEDULE: Compensation is based on 7 hours per day @ 207 days per year, or on a part-time basis as contractually agreed upon by MSNE administration and the school psychologist employee.