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  • Director of Vocational Services

    Posted: 09/19/2021

    JOB TITLE: Director of Vocational Services JOB SUMMARY: Develops and directs a program of vocational work-based learning opportunities for students, including internships, volunteering, structured training / mentoring at job sites, and job shadowing opportunities. Completes vocational assessments, vocational IEP services, and consultative services with team members required by the school districts and documented in Individual Education Plans (IEP’s). EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field EXPERIENCE: One to three years of experience working with teenagers and/or young adults with significant and multiple disabilities, with special emphasis on Vocational and Functional Life Skill evaluations, assessment, intervention, and training within both educational and community settings. Additional experience providing IEP services to students in the school-based setting, supervising job coaches, working with offsite supervisors, collaborating with team members and business partners to design individualized programming, is desired. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Free of restrictions which would limit the use of the body as it relates to the repetitive lifting of weight up to 50 pounds, and physical management of students consistent with CPI training. ACCOUNTABILITIES: 1. Works with local entities to develop work-based learning opportunities for students. 2. Provides work-site/setting assessment and situational analysis of students’ performance. 3. Provides instruction based on academic and business-defined occupational skills and standards and assists students in the development of school to career graduation plans. 4. Provides group and individual vocational sessions for students requiring services as documented in the student's IEP. 5. Maintains up to date vocational assessments as approved by the school district responsible for student services. 6. Completes quarterly progress reports reflective of IEP Transition Services. 7. Prepares IEP Transition section goals and updates present levels. Serves as a member of assigned students' IEP teams (14 years of age and older). 8. Works closely with and provide training to teachers, educational technicians, parents, and other therapists for each student receiving services. 9. Attends meetings with School staff to update progress. 10. Supervises job coaches and vocational assistants. 11. Oversees vocational programs in collaboration with other related service and education staff. 12. Partners with the Director of Community Engagement as needed to work with work-based learning business partners around additional opportunities for businesses to sponsor or support the school's mission. 13. With the Director of Community Engagement, oversees Vocational Program involvement relative to any events put on by MSNE - for fundraising, community engagement or providing resources. 14. Communicates effectively with a variety of community stakeholders about the school's mission and opportunities for engagement. 15. Demonstrates understanding of the integration of the school's funding structure, events and programs, and the importance of collaboration between the Vocational and Community Engagement Departments to advance MSNE's mission. 16. Performs other duties as assigned by the Executive Director. JOB SUPERVISOR: Executive Director WORK SCHEDULE: Compensation is based on 35 hours per week during the school year and summer school (207 days). Daily work hours are from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm.