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  • How to Look, Sound and FEEL Your Best While Video Conferencing

    Offer Valid: 08/04/2022 - 01/01/2023

    This course is designed to help anyone who has to present on Zoom or any video conference in general.

    Some things you'll walk away with are:

    • The basics of lighting so you can look you best in any situation 

    • How best to use a ring light and what kind to buy

    • How to avoid visual burnout and protect your eyes during long calls

    • How to make sure your skin looks fresh and your eyes look bright on calls

    • How to sound your best so your audience can hear you clearly

    • How to position your camera and room set up so that it's not distraction

    • How to bring real passion to your presentations and interviews

    • How to feel more confident when presenting

    • How to use slides effectively and avoid mistakes

    • What the biggest mistake we make when we're on a video conference 

    • How to keep your audience's attention

    Who is this course for? 

    • Anyone who wants to look, sound and feel more confident while on Zoom on video conferencing calls

    • Job seekers who have interview over Zoom

    • Anyone who has to present on Zoom or Pitch to Investors over Zoom/Video Conferencing

    • People in Business development 

    • Employees of larger companies who want to get better at communicating over video conferencing 


    This Hot Deal is promoted by Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce.